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Dive SiteTypeDepthIslandBoat or ShoreMore information
HMS Maori (Valletta)Wreck10-15 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Tug 2 (Sliema)Wreck12-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Tug boats (Zonqor Point, Marsascala)Wreck18-20 metersMaltaShoreMore info
P29 Patrol Boat (Cirkewwa)Wreck18-40+ metersMaltaShoreMore info
Tug Boat Rozi (Cirkewwa)Wreck18-32 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Um El Faroud (Wied iz-Zurrieq)Wreck18-36 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Ghar LapsiReef10-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
East/West Reef and Caves (Wied iz-Zurrieq)Reef10-30 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Anchor BayReef10-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Sugar Loaf and Madonna (Cirkewwa)Reef10-24 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Cirkewwa Arch (Cirkewwa)Reef10-20 metersMaltaShoreMore info
South Reef (Delimara Point)Reef10-25 metersMaltaShore or boatMore info
Tunnel and Reef (l-Ahrax)Reef5-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Qawra Point NorthReef5-36 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Exiles (Sliema)Reef5-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Fortizza (Sliema)Reef5-18 metersMaltaShoreMore info
X127 Lighter "Coralita" (Manoel Island)Wreck10-22 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Bristol BeaufighterWreck30-38 metersMaltaBoatMore info
HMS HellespontWreck35-42 metersMaltaBoatMore info
Bristol Blenheim BomberWreck38-42 metersMaltaBoatMore info
Filfla IslandReef15-50 metersFilfla (from Malta)BoatMore info
Qammieh Point (Devil's Reef)Reef30-50 metersMaltaBoatMore info
MV Imperial EagleWreck32-42 metersMaltaBoatMore info
MV Karwela & MV Cominoland (Xatt l-Ahmar)Wreck20-45 metersGozoShoreMore info
MV Xlendi (Ghajnsielem)Wreck30-40 metersGozoShoreMore info
Mgarr ix-XiniReef10-25 metersGozoShoreMore info
Xlendi Reef & TunnelReef5-18 metersGozoShoreMore info
Coral Gardens & Big Bear (Dwerja)Reef5-30 metersGozoShoreMore info
Blue Hole (Dwerja)Reef5-50+ metersGozoShoreMore info
Inland Sea & Tunnel (Dwerja)Reef5-55 metersGozoShoreMore info
Cathedral Cave/Blue Dome (Ghasri)Reef10-30 metersGozoShoreMore info
Reqqa Point (Marsalforn)Reef20-70+ metersGozoShoreMore info
Double Arch (Marsalforn)Reef20-45 metersGozoShoreMore info
Ras il-HobzReef20-100+ metersGozoShoreMore info
Fessej Rock Reef15-40 metersGozoBoatMore info
Ta' Cenc ReefReef10-50 metersGozoBoatMore info
Fungus RockReef10-40 metersGozoBoatMore info
San Dimitri PointReef10-60 metersGozoBoatMore info
Wied ir-RahebReef10-60 metersGozoBoatMore info
Billinghurst CaveReef20-35 metersGozoShore or BoatMore info
Lantern PointReef10-50 metersCominoBoatMore info
Cominotto ReefReef18-36 metersCominoBoatMore info
Santa Marija CavesReef10-18 metersCominoBoatMore info
P31 Patrol BoatWreck12-20 metersCominoBoatMore info